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Driver Fitting
Comprehensive Driver fitting to ascertain the best launch and spin characteristics for your ball flight. We will investigate club model, mainly loft and shaft combinations to make your ball flight more efficient with the main golf to gain yards and reduce dispersion.
£ 25.00
Fairway Fitting
Fairway fitting to maximise ball speed on turf contact strikes. We measure the best launch and spin characteristics for your ball flight by manipulation of head type, shaft and loft.
£ 25.00
Iron Fitting
Comprehensive Iron fitting to distinguish the best set of irons for your game, or the game you may be working towards having in the future. We will investigate club model, loft, lie, shaft and grip combinations to increase squareness of hit, better ball striking aim to have you getting more greens in regulation. After 3 months you can request a FOC health check.
£ 45.00
Wedge Fitting
Identify your best style. Find wedges that suit your style and play. Lock in your yardages. We identify the strongest parts of your short game and make them better! Maybe a few minutes longer to believe that you can become a scoring machine with the right tools and yardage knowledge.
£ 25.00
Full Bag Fitting
Comprehensive 2.5 hour Fitting Session for all 14 Clubs from Driver through to Putter & Ball! Technology including FlightScope X2 utilised.
£ 125.00
Putter Fitting
Did you know that most putts hit actually spin backwards and are elevated from the green for the first 12 inches of its roll path? Being mindful of your individual putting style we select putter styles and shaft lengths to reduce the aforementioned issues and get that ball rolling quicker to the target, this alone in effect, makes the hole 10% larger and gets you making more putts!
£ 25.00
The Strathaven Experience
The Strathaven Experience package comprises of a "head to toe" experience whereby we play 6 holes initially with Stuart. Spend the afternoon fitting you for all 14 clubs using our technology, lunch and fitting for ball, apparel and footwear afterwards. Once the product has arrived we return for a 1 hour gapping session on Flightscope X2 to determine your distances for each club.
£ 295.00
Ball Fitting
We roll out our "Green Rewind" approach to golf ball fitting that successfully fits players of all abilities. 80% of the game is played from 100 yards in so we give that the main focus. Then we work right through to the tee ensuring maximum distance and straightness Drives!
£ 25.00
FlightScope X2
Proven to be the most accurate 3D tracking radar

FlightScope® is an ideal tool for custom club fitting. It provides accurate ball flight and club travel information – unlike most other instruments on the market, which only offer launch data.

The Acceleration Profile provided by FlightScope makes it easy to determine when players are fitted with the correct shaft for their specific swing and loading of the  shaft during the swing.

The Acceleration Profile measured by FlightScope provides an instantaneous measure of the quality of the golf shaft fit for the player being tested. Accurate club and ball speeds, shot shape, launch angles, carry distance and spin rates comprise the dataset required in order to perform a custom fitting procedure. In addition to the clubhead speed at impact, the FlightScope system also provides the clubhead speed profile before, through, and after the strike.

The FlightScope system also measures a 3D club path through the strike zone, providing the fitter with club direction in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

FlightScope® offers fantastic club fitting software for instructors. It can help the new golfer to learn and memorize what works best with ball tracking and club fitting software. FlightScope allows golfers to analyze and understand the different strengths and weaknesses of clubs for various distances and angles. Custom club fitting software and analysis tools provide valuable information to improve any golfer’s game.

Stuart has comprehensive fitting carts for the 2015 season all from the leading brands in the game. On-site he offers a fitting service from Callaway, Nike, Ping, Titleist and Taylor-Made. We pride ourselves in the knowledge, skills and expertise that we possess and the service we provide.
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